Skin Republic Platinum Lift Face Mask

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Hi beauties,

Do you love face masks? Me too!! I just love trying new face masks. Every time I goes to a drug store I look for new stuff for trial. And the very first thing I pick up from there is face masks. Shelves in my wardrobes are all filled with face masks from various brands waiting for trials.

Here comes my first instalment of my upcoming series of face masks.

Today I will talk about Skin Republic Platinum Lift face mask. As you all know I have sensitive skin and I choose my skin care cautiously and thoughtfully. This face mask is for visible signs of aging on face. As the name suggests, it truly lifts the skin instantly…so full marks on that front.

Skin Republic Platinum Lift face ingredients

Skin Republic Platinum Lift face ingredients

My experiment with this mask have been extremely wonderful and satisfying. This mask is filled with anti-aging serum for younger looking skin. If you are looking for quick fix for your skin (as you might be planning to go for some party or an event) this is the best mask for that. As the makers commit. It does lifting and firming of face, it gives instant lift and firmer skin after application.

As recommended in its instructions at the back, leave it for 15-20 minutes after application and remove it. Do not wash your face, just massage firmly on your face and soak in all the serum into your skin. For better results you can apply this at night and leave the serum overnight on your skin to see more visible results. I could see more bright, visible skin tone on my face after applying this mask or must say any of skin republic masks. Skin republic masks are really hydrating for my skin. Every time I apply these masks I feel fresher, brighter and glowing skin.

That’s all I wanted to say about this mask. Just go to your nearest store and grab yours pack and try this out. Give your opinion below after trying it out. You may also comment on my Facebook and Instagram account. Looking forward to your opinions and comments beauties.

Price: $7.99 25ml