Things you can snag from your mum’s closet

Things you can snag from mum's closet
Things you can snag from your mum's closet

Things you can snag from your mum’s closet

Bored of your own clothes? Have you tried hunting for something interesting in your mum’s wardrobe? Believe it! It’s a treasure store. Your mum surely would be having some goodies that are evergreen and don’t go out of style. Hunt her closet for any pieces with fringes pieces, classy watches or silk scarves. Here is a list of few things that you could borrow from your mum.

  • A feminine handbag: Look for a top-handle, feminine-looking bag to add a punch while going for a party or outing.
  • Classy loafers: Loafers are never out of style and go very well with a pair of jeans and jacket if you want a casual look.
  • Flared jeans: Okay, so you have all skinny jeans and you want a new look… Pick up flared jeans with a retro look from your mum’s wardrobe. Rock it with a trendy, bright top to get a fresh look.
  • Everything fringy: A popular trend of the 70s, fringes were found on scarves, skirts, tops, hand bags and much more. Look for something fringy and perk it up.
  • A long Wrap or Maxi dress: These dresses are fit for every occasion, be it in any season. You could wear some cute sandals with it in summers or a pair of boots in the fall.
  • A string of pearls: Wrap a pearly string around your wrist or sport it on a simple Tee, a pearl necklace is a very versatile piece that looks good on a woman of any age.
  • Pretty Embellished Cardigan: Your mum would definitely have an embroidered, fancy and embellished or a pretty, cardigan in her winter wardrobe. Pair it with a sheath dress, skirt or denims. It is surely a statement to make.
  • Watches: Big-sized, menswear watches are a past trend now. Search your mum’s collection of yester years’ vintage watches which look like bangles or suit with your feminine dress.
  • Silk Scarves: These style staples can be worn in many styles…just wrap it around your neck or stylish knots depending to the dress you are wearing.
  • Expensive and Branded Cosmetics: Can’t find a matching lip colour or a good fragrance? Share it with your mum. You will surely find a lipstick shade you will life and expensive perfumes in her closet.
  • Over sized or Long Fur Coats: Borrow an over sized coat from your mum to go with your monochrome dress. Pair it with heels and sleek hairstyle to look classy yet trendy.

So that was our list of things you could hunt for in your mother’s wardrobe and look stunning for free!

Picture by unsplash-logoIna Soulis

Featured image by unsplash-logoDarren Nunis