Bellewave Eyewave – Super Eye Line Preventor Eye Contour Cream

Bellewave Eyewave Eye Cream

Hi Girls,

Today i’m going to review Bellewave Eyewave – Super Eye Line Preventor Eye Contour Cream. Which Restores vitality to the eyes for an ageless appearance. I have tried few eye creams before bellewave eyewave, i get good results from them but i was still not satisfied. So i was searching something good and strong for my eyes. One day in my VLCC parlour, my beautician introduced me with Bellewave Eyewave cream. I always trust these people so once again i buy one more product from them and gave it a try. Girls mark my words; this is a miracle eye cream. I got very good and visible results. I got many compliments after using Bellewave Eyewave Eye Cream.

Eye Cream

Bellewave Eyewave – Super Eye Line Preventor Eye Contour Cream


First let’s see what Company claims: This powerful eye cream combines special marine actives together to strengthen the delicate eye area. The formula protects collagen and elastin fibers, visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles and envelops skin in a veil of hydration. Nourished and smooth, the eye contours emerge more youthful looking.

  • It stimulates circulation to lift skin and prevent sagginess
  • Boosts skin regeneration to increase smoothness and firmness
  • Infuses moisture to boost softness and suppleness.
Eye Cream

Bellewave Eyewave – Super Eye Line Preventor Eye Contour Cream – Benefits and Description

Key actives:

Sweet Almond Oil: it’s an excellent emollient that holds a high level of vitamins to provide skin with deep moisturizing and nourishing properties. Skin comes out softer, smoother and suppler. An excellent treat, especially for dry or sensitive skin.

Provitamin B5: This unique vitamin draws moisture into the skin to help protect and retrain hydration, leaving skin feeling smoother, firmer and velvety.

Vitamin E: A powerful free radical quencher that has the ability to help ease the conditions of swelling and redness. It helps boost collagen production for suppler, firmer skin.

I am using this cream from last one year. Here i would like to mention that this is my first tube of bellewave eye cream which i’m using since last June 2015. I have very sensitive skin, so as my eyes. This eye cream is very mild and fragrance free. It works for my eyes. If you have fine lines around your eyes or you want to stop aging of your eye area then this is the perfect product for you.

I have started using eye creams very early. According to me, every girt start using eye cream before 30s. Bellewave Eyewave strengthens the skin around eyes. It hydrates the skin. Mostly i do work late nights on my computer and sometimes i have puffy, tired eyes. Bellewave eyewave soothes the puffy and tired eyes. My eyes suddenly started looking youthful and bright. Those light dark circles were vanished within few months. As company claims this creams prevents sagginess. Sagginess for me was nothing but puffy and tired eyes; it gave me relief from that. Skin around my eyes become more soft, smooth and bright.

This cream contains almond oil, vitamin B5 and E, which obviously helps to tighten smoother and brighten up the skin. These vitamins have lots of benefits for our body as well as skin too. I always apply bellewave eyewave at night before going to bed. When i wash my face in the morning i get healthy, brighten and smooth skin. Girls who have sensitive skin can use this and i am sure you will get visible results. I love the packaging of Bellewave Eyewave – Super Eye Line Preventor Eye Contour Cream. Its just so neat.

Bellewave Eye Cream

Bellewave Eyewave – Super Eye Line Preventor Eye Contour Cream

Taking care of your eyes is the most important thing. Never forget your eye cream. I use very small amount of this cream or you can say only a drop is sufficient for both the eyes. Just tap the skin all around your eyes with this cream. Never rub your eye area while applying any eye cream or any cream. Even when you are applying makeup on your eyes never rub your skin around eyes. Always tap the product with your fingers. This is the key for your ageless and beautiful eyes.

Bellewave Eye Cream

Bellewave Eyewave – Super Eye Line Preventor Eye Contour Cream

Even sometimes i used this eye cream as my night cream too, all over my face. I believe that if eye cream work wonders on such a sensitive area around your eyes then why we should not use it for full face. Believe me i always got good results for my face too. I know this sounds weird to few people but i love using my eye cream as my night cream. I never used it regularly on my face, only for few days just to check with the results. But now onwards i am planning to use this for my face also. Why not use it for face; i’m fully convinced for that. I have sensitive skin and its working perfect for my skin. I love using this cream.

I will surely recommend Bellewave Eyewave – Super Eye Line Preventor Eye Contour Cream to everyone. Especially who has sensitive skin, Girls i must say, use this and you will never regret buying this product. You will be blessed in your 30s with such a youthful, bright and dark circle free eyes. People will ask you about your skin care routine. Go for this. This tube is very tiny but expensive. But i am very happy to spend such money on this miracle product.

Price: Rs.1000/- for 15ml