Always choose to be Happy !!!

Choose to be happy
Choose to be Happy

Choose to be Happy

Happiness!!! What is happiness? I’m listening, reading since many years that Happiness is a state of mind. But I have never ever understood that. What does that means? I have learned that state of mind now after many years. Doesn’t matter how you are feeling, doesn’t matter how many motivational quotes or books you are reading, they won’t work until you implement them in your life. So, I experienced this one quote “Happiness is state of mind” in my own life.
Yes, that’s true. It happens when you stop thinking about others. It happens when you stop expecting anything from anyone. It happens when you start giving love and happiness to others. It happens when you start sending good, positive vibes to others. Always talk good and positive about yourself as well as about others. Give without any expectation. Donate without any expectation. Stop criticising others. It’s none of your business what others are doing. Focus on yourself, your family, your loved ones. No human being is perfect in this world, not even me. Accept others who they are. Spread happiness all around you. Then you feel that happy state of mind inside. I feel that and always feeling that state inside my soul.
If you want to feel that, first start feeling good, happy and positive about yourself. When you feel happy, good and positive for yourself, you will feel the same for others.
If you see someone behaving bad, abusing with someone, send them blessings. Don’t start criticising them for their behaviour, never ever do that. Instead send them blessings. You will feel good inside.
That feeling when you feel Happy inside is amazing. Once you truly experience that feeling inside you, you will not be the same after that. You will be a changed person. Your world will be changed. Remove all the grudges from your heart. Our heart is the most beautiful and sacred part of our body, heart is made to keep love only. Love for everyone. We all are souls of one God only. We all are connected. So, spread Love and Happiness around you.

Stay blessed and happy everyone!!!

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