Things you can snag from your mum’s closet

Things you can snag from mum's closet
Things you can snag from your mum's closet

Things you can snag from your mum’s closet

Bored of your own clothes? Have you tried hunting for something interesting in your mum’s wardrobe? Believe it! It’s a treasure store. Your mum surely would be having some goodies that are evergreen and don’t go out of style. Hunt her closet for any pieces with fringes pieces, classy watches or silk scarves. Here is a list of few things that you could borrow from your mum.

  • A feminine handbag: Look for a top-handle, feminine-looking bag to add a punch while going for a party or outing.
  • Classy loafers: Loafers are never out of style and go very well with a pair of jeans and jacket if you want a casual look.
  • Flared jeans: Okay, so you have all skinny jeans and you want a new look… Pick up flared jeans with a retro look from your mum’s wardrobe. Rock it with a trendy, bright top to get a fresh look.
  • Everything fringy: A popular trend of the 70s, fringes were found on scarves, skirts, tops, hand bags and much more. Look for something fringy and perk it up.
  • A long Wrap or Maxi dress: These dresses are fit for every occasion, be it in any season. You could wear some cute sandals with it in summers or a pair of boots in the fall.
  • A string of pearls: Wrap a pearly string around your wrist or sport it on a simple Tee, a pearl necklace is a very versatile piece that looks good on a woman of any age.
  • Pretty Embellished Cardigan: Your mum would definitely have an embroidered, fancy and embellished or a pretty, cardigan in her winter wardrobe. Pair it with a sheath dress, skirt or denims. It is surely a statement to make.
  • Watches: Big-sized, menswear watches are a past trend now. Search your mum’s collection of yester years’ vintage watches which look like bangles or suit with your feminine dress.
  • Silk Scarves: These style staples can be worn in many styles…just wrap it around your neck or stylish knots depending to the dress you are wearing.
  • Expensive and Branded Cosmetics: Can’t find a matching lip colour or a good fragrance? Share it with your mum. You will surely find a lipstick shade you will life and expensive perfumes in her closet.
  • Over sized or Long Fur Coats: Borrow an over sized coat from your mum to go with your monochrome dress. Pair it with heels and sleek hairstyle to look classy yet trendy.

So that was our list of things you could hunt for in your mother’s wardrobe and look stunning for free!

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Affordable fashion and beauty tips

Affordable Fashion and Beauty Tips

By: Rashi Kapoor

Are you surviving on a pocket money or have a shoestring budget and yet want to look chic and hip? I understand that if you are a college student, a home maker or someone hunting for a job, it’s tough for you to splurge too much. But who says that your wardrobe would suffer? Believe it or not, you can dress fashionably in lesser bucks… here are a few smart tips of doing it:

Affordable Fashion and Beauty Tips

Affordable Fashion and Beauty Tips

  • Well-fitted and tailored jackets and clothing, which fits you perfectly makes you look worth a billion dollars.
  • Look for classy and rich-looking fabric. Examples could be tweed, cotton and linen.
  • When you are not sure of the colour, pick something in black – it never goes wrong. This magical colour hides the details of how much you bought it for and looks ravishing on most of us.
  • Adding on a punch with some arty jewellery like a pair of nice earrings, big ring or necklace depending upon your outfit can pep up your look instantly. Watch out this space for an article on how to accessories and look chic. Some tips coming up soon on that.
  • Are you particular about maintaining your shoes? Keeping your shoes clean and in shape is a must. Worn out, torn or dirty shoes are a big dampener. It doesn’t matter if you don’t own those designer pumps, but it doesn’t take much to maintain your heels. Go to your nearby shoemaker for a quick cleaning or repair.
  • Washing the clothes in a washing machine regularly can take away their shine. Though dry-cleaning sounds expensive, but it makes your clothes last longer or hand wash expensive and sensitive clothes.
  • Structured bags inspired by old Hollywood movies are in vogue these days. A simple bag that can go with many of your outfits is a good bargain. It doesn’t need to be very embellished or expensive.
  • When buying new shoes in your budget, remember to choose something in faux suede rather than something that’s not leather.
  • Keep a black and grey pencil skirt in your wardrobe as it can be teamed up with many tops.

Fashion is not only about clothing and accessories; it’s also about feeling and looking good. Most of the gals would think that taking care of your skin and beauty is an expensive deal. Not always! Let’s go through some tried and tested tips by not spending too much…

  • What if you get a moisturiser that also is anti-aging? Two purposes achieved in one product! Isn’t that great?
  • Vaseline 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly is an inexpensive must-have. You can use it for dry and chapped lips and it also works wonders on cracked heels, if you don’t want to spend a lot on a foot cream.
  • Can’t afford a spa treatment? Here’s a DIY trick that can give you a smooth skin at home. Try making a body scrub by mixing one part of olive oil with double sugar or salt. If you want some nice aroma, add a few drops of an essential oil of your choice and use it to gently massage over your body before a shower.
  • A homemade exfoliant for face and body can be made by adding sugar, sea salt, baking soda and essential oils.
  • To lock the moisture after the shower, try applying Johnson’s Baby Oil on your body if you do not have any expensive body lotion.

So, dress up and be your confident best without worrying to spend a fortune.

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